Ideology and African Unity: A Case of The African Union

Lady Adaina Ajayi


For quite a while now, the interrogation of African Unity has dominated both intellectual and political discourse; however the approach, substance and mechanism seem to be ever indefinable. The rhetoric has stirred so much dust as African political leaders have failed to understand the effective and substantial actions and measures to be undertaken. It is in this vein that this paper seeks to revisits the ideology of Pan-Africanism as well as examine how this ideology has become entrenched into the Organisation of African Unity and its evolutionary African Union. It also appraises some of the challenges the Pan-African movement has experienced. The paper submits that the pan African movement for African unity as well as political autonomy has now advanced into a struggle for African unity. To achieve the outlined aims of the Union, the paper posits that there is the need for attitudinal change of African leaders most especially a re-orientation towards the entrenchment of democracy and democratic tenets such as good governance and the rule of law.


Africa, African Unity, Democracy, Ideology, Leaders, Pan Africanism, Politics



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