Poverty and Trafficking of Indigenous Women in Mexico: Some Evidence from Chiapas State

Arunkumar Acharya, Manuel R Barragan Codina


The main objective of this paper is to explore, how poverty and economic difficulty in Mexico especially in indigenous communities that causing trafficking in persons especially of women. For the present study forty indigenous trafficked women were interviewed in Tapachula city of Chiapas. Results indicates that trafficking of women in Chiapas especially in indigenous community is connected to poverty, lack of employment opportunities and the agrarian conflicts which occurred in the state. Many women forced into prostitution by their parents, husbands or boyfriends – or as lured by the false promises of employment. They were also trapped into prostitution by the mail-order bride agencies with the promises to find out a husband and a job in USA or in Mexico City or in Monterrey.


poverty, indigenous women, forced trafficking, sexual exploitation, Mexico

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11634/216825851403129


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