Challenges and Prospects of Good Local Governance in Ethiopia: the Case of Kemisie Town, Ethiopia

Shimellis Hailu Dessie


This paper discusses about the prevalence of good governance in some selected public institutions of Kemisie town, Amhara region, Ethiopia. To do this the researcher used pragmatic paradigm, mixed research approach. Both primary and secondary sources of data were used. To collect sound primary information interviews, FGD and questionnaires were employed. As well 206 sample populations were participated. Using five core elements of good governance the researcher reach upon the following conclusions; the general assessment of performance of good governance in Kemisie town shows that there are some progresses in establishing legal and institutional base for good governance but in terms of practices the study come across mixed results. The town achieves some progress in enhancing popular participation, government offices transparency and government accountability with some limitation. However, the government performance in terms of effectiveness and efficiency and combating corruption is not satisfactory. The practices of good governance in the town is challenged by harmful traditional practices, human trafficking, inter-house hold killing, religious fundamentalism, land related conflicts, petty corruption, partisanship and bureaucrats skills and ethical problems. Hence, the study implies that there is the need for national attention to control illegal immigration-human trafficking which is the ongoing humiliating activities in the area. Also, it needs comprehensive attitudinal change works on revenge which is the major problematic cause of killing and harmful traditional practices in the area.


Challenges of Good Governance, Prospects of Good Governance, good governance, Good Local Governance


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