The Opportunities and Bottlenecks between China and Latin American Countries’ Economic and Trade Development

S. Rick Fernandez


In recent years, Latin America and China had rapid development of economic and trade cooperation. The total trade amount exceeded $ 100 billion in 2007; it was 10 times than 10 years ago. Latin America and China made new progress in telecommunications, infrastructure, energy, mining, and science and technology investment cooperation. However, in the process of rapid growth of China import and export, there are obvious structure differences between regions and industries products. China's export growth caused concerns of some companies in Latin America, thus their governments take a variety of trade remedy measures, like anti-dumping. Trade frictions with Latin America increasing prominent, the development of bilateral trade has become a bottleneck. Enhance communication, eliminate trade friction and achieve win-win situation is an urgent problem between China and Latin America.


Latin American countries, trade opportunities, trade friction, bottleneck

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