Education and Health Care in Equatorial Guinea

Kara A Naseef, Kim E Reuter


Equatorial Guinea is one of the richest and smallest countries in Africa, but little information is available regarding the country’s education and health care systems. It is therefore difficult to target development projects or measure the success of interventions being administered in Equatoguinean communities. The objective of this study was to summarize known information regarding education and health care systems in Equatorial Guinea, using a systematic review procedure. Of the 190 articles surveyed, 33.6% focused on health, 19.4% focused on general development issues, 19.4% focused on education, and 12.6% focused on the oil industry. The literature search revealed a general paucity of health care and education data, and most available data focused on Bioko Island. Health care projects tended to focus on urban areas and incidence rates of most diseases are mostly unknown or outdated. More data are needed to confirm community needs and it is unclear whether all groups are being given equal access to health care and education services. The results of our study show that needs assessments, and the dissemination of their results, are desperately needed in Equatoguinean communities.


West Africa, Equatorial Guinea, HIV/AIDS, education, health care, urban areas

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