Facet-Specific Job Satisfaction and Experience of Elementary School Head Teachers in Pakistan

Safdar Rehman Ghazi


The main purpose of this study is to explore the facet-specific levels of job satisfaction of the head teachers. For the purpose, data was collected through a modified version of MSQ from elementary school head teachers. Results were generated according to the objectives of the study using ANOVA and post hoc test in SPSS. It was concluded that compensation, working conditions, social status, and school practices and policies were the facets of job which contributed to head teachers’ low satisfaction. The head teachers having minimum and maximum experience seemed to be more satisfied for the dimensions of job; advancement, school policies and practices, social service, creativity, recognition, activity, moral values, social status,  as compared to the head teachers having medium experience (6-15 years). The head teachers having different years of experience significantly differed for their job satisfaction level for dimensions; activity, authority, colleagues, creativity, moral values, recognition, responsibility, school policies/practices, social service, social status, supervision human relations, variety and working conditions) of their job. Results of the study provide sufficient bases to frame recommendations accordingly.


satisfaction, job satisfaction, facet-specific, head teacher, experience, elementary school

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11634/216817831504237


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