An Innovative Tool for Measuring Levels of Community Capacity Building for Tourism in Developing Countries

Fariborz Aref, Ma'rof R Redzuan


The article illustrates the measurements of eight domains of community capacity building (CCB) at individual, organizational and community levels for tourism development. The suggested measurements were then employed in the study carried in Shiraz. The main objective of the study was to determine the level of CCB at the three levels using the measurements that have been developed. A total number of 175 community leaders were involved in the study. Findings show that generally, the level of tourism capacity building in the study area is low. It is concluded that, although there is an individual support for more collaboration in CCB, but; there is a low level of converging vision between organizations and individuals in communities. This study also provides a theoretical framework model of CCB for tourism development. It demonstrates that the CCB in three levels can develop tourism in communities. The authors suggest that the measurements and the models of CCB described in this paper is imperative in helping to develop tourism by integrating the efforts of local organizations, communities and individuals in local and urban communities.


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International Journal of Community Development

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