Effect of Motivation on Job Performance by Community Development Workers in Osun State, Nigeria

Adisa Banji Olalere


The study determined the effect of motivation on job performance of community development workers contributing to sustainable rural infrastructural development in Osun State. Specifically, it examined motivational packages provided for the workers, determined the extent to which selected socio-economics characteristics affect their job performance. Samples of 240 community development workers were interviewed. Structured questionnaire dully pre-tested for validity was used to collect primary data. Frequency counts, percentages, mean, and standard deviation were used to describe the data while chi-square, correlation and regression analysis were used as inferential statistics. The result shows that the profession was gender insensitive, while majority of them were in their active age. The mean years of experience were 18 years with a standard deviation of 4.16 and the average household size was 8 persons. The job performed by most of the workers include mobilizing communities to form community development association (CDAs), regular monitoring and supervision of projects and settlement of disputes. The major motivational packages enjoyed by the workers include leave allowance, car and housing loan and training opportunities. There were significant relationships between their job performance, transportation facilities made available (r = 0.626), medical facilities (r = 0.364), training opportunity (r = 0.270), prompt and regular promotion (r = 0.228), provision of office equipment (r = 0.147) and prompt payment of leave allowance (r = 0.145) at 0.05 level of significance. It is therefore recommended that for effective job performance, the government should improve on the motivational packages enjoyed by the workers.


community, development, infrastructural projects, motivation, job performance

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11634/233028791402386


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