Community Development through Hydroelectric Project: A Case Study of Gilgel Gibe III Hydroelectric Power Project in Ethiopia

Aklilu Kahssay Kedanemariam, Sanjay Mishra


Ethiopia is a country where over 90% energy demand is supplied through traditional sources with over use and extinction of natural and traditional sources exploring new sources are the compulsion of the economy. Simultaneously, with rising population industrial activities are also increasing which propel the energy demand. The objective of the article is to seek out the impacts of the Gilgel Gibe III hydro power project on the community development. Taking integrated approach several important factors concerning to community development have been investigated such as health, ecology and environment, employment opportunities and its impact on income dynamics, infrastructure. In the study efforts also have been made to know the impacts on cultural, religious, historical and archeological sites. The study is mainly based on secondary data. However to support the work some primary data through local residents and the university students were also taken. Informal discussion with the officials involved in the project and local people around the Omo river valley, the project sites also have been held to know their personal opinion and expectations from the project. The analysis of the available data reveals that the project has positive impact on the community development. It concludes that the project might be a milestone for the community development, and benefits for the people living in the region. With commencement of the project, economic activities in the region have already been started and providing several non-traditional business opportunities which opens new opportunities of employment. Moreover the change due to hydroelectric project is expected to transform the communalities with measurable impact. The project has a multidimensional role to play in the development at various levels – community, regional as well as national.


Community development, displacement, energy, migration, flood, cultivation, rural economy

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