An assessment of the level of satisfaction of passengers about the quality level of in-flight services provided by Saudi Arabian Airline (case study: domestic airways between Hail-Jeddah- Riyadh)

Tarek Sayed Abdelazim, Sami Twigry


The purpose of this study is to measure the level of satisfaction of passengers about the quality of in-flight services of Saudi Arabian Airline, at its domestic airways, Hail, Riyadh, and Jeddah. An on-site intercept survey was conducted by the two researchers the survey was conducted by two field researchers between February 10 and February 25, 2014. A self-administered questionnaire was distributed only to those who agreed to respond to the survey. Out of 130 questionnaires distributed, 25 were incomplete and thus eliminated from the study. As a result, 105 questionnaires were accepted for the purpose of final analysis, representing a response rate of 77%. The results revealed that there are no statistically significant differences between respondents` gender, nationalities, social status, and qualifications according to assessment of the quality of in-flight services with a value of significance of (.05). There is a statistically significant difference between respondents `ages  according to assessment of the quality of comfort during the flight(.033), food provided in the plane (.002) and beverages provided in the  plane.


Passengers, in-flight services, satisfaction, quality, Reservation

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