Nature is much smarter than expected: the Genetic Code is not degenerate

Walter Alfred van Laack


In any books about genetics it can still today be read that our genetic code is called “degenerate” because it is still believed that 43 = 64 triplets encode the 20 essential amino acids. Indeed we have to assume the inverse law, what means that 34 = 81 exact code positions are really effective for our genetic code and encode the amino acids, compiled to proteins. This very important discovery leads to two completely new results that are limits-overlooking: 1) 34 (=81) genetic code positions mean exactly the same number as there are stable and naturally existing chemical elements in our universe. This famous argument should now lead to some alternative, as well as new fundamental conclusions about our existence. 2) A genetic code positioning system shows that nature is much smarter than expected: mutations are made less dangerous than believed, because they won't be that easily able any more to cause severe damages in the protein-synthesis. This should also lead to some alternative views upon evolution of life.


Existential- and Natural-Philosophy, “Non-Degenerate” Genetic Code, Cleverness of Nature

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