Evaluative Analyses of Leadership Styles and Staff Appraisals as Correlates of Job Satisfaction Among Sports Service Providers in the National Sports Federation of Nigeria

Olumide Olusoga Ezomoh, Athan N Amasiatu, J. B. Alla


Work is a means of livelihood, survival, sustenance, personal identity and self-actualization. Therefore, it is important that it is made more meaningful and satisfying. Sports participation is all over the world. When talking about sports, people think more about athletes and forget about the sports service providers who make frantic efforts to ensure that these activities take place. In the light of the above, the researchers considered it very imminent to attempt to find out if leadership styles and staff appraisal were correlates of job satisfaction among sports service providers in the National Sports Federation of Nigeria. Two research hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. Questionnaire was used for data collection. Cronbach alpha coefficient was used to determine the coefficient “r” which yielded .85. The descriptive statistics of percentages and inferential statistics of chi-square (X2), set at .05 alpha levels were used to test the hypotheses. The study revealed that leadership styles and staff appraisals were correlates of job satisfaction among the sports service providers in the National Sport Federation of Nigeria (NSFN). It was therefore, recommended that NSFN line managers should continue to be aware of/ responsive to staff needs and over-haul the promotional system of the establishment in a way that it will continue to be a morale booster to the personnel.


Nigeria, leadership styles, staff appraisals, job satisfaction, sports service providers, National Sports Federation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11634/216796221504222


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