Vol 3, No 3 (2014)

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Attitudes, Opinions, and Characteristics: Creating a Profile of Sales Students PDF
Sally Baalbaki, Gregory S. Black, Joonwhan David Lee, Scott G. Sherwood 130-142
What Happens to Accounting Graduates With Lower Grade Point Averages? The Impact of GPA On The Life Course of Accounting Undergraduates PDF
Greg Maurice Thibadoux, Marsha A Scheidt, Kendra Teffeteller 143-160
Seeing Stars: How the Mere Presence of Ratings Influences Willingness to Pay PDF
Steven Craig Huff 161-167
Organisational Culture: A Tool for Management for Management Control, Motivate and Performance Enhancement PDF
Oluwakemi Owoyemi, Joy Ekwoaba 168-177
An Empirical Study on the Role of Career Development Programs in Organizations and Organizational Commitment on Job Satisfaction of Employees PDF
Cigdem Kaya, Belgin Ceylan 178-191
Analysis of Effects of Race on Insurance Companies’ Operations in Chicago, December 1977 ~ November 1978 PDF
Haotian Zhang 192-198

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