Boosting Employee Productivity; Impact of Employee Motivation on Productivity, Case of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia in Ambo

Daniel Tadesse Tulu


This case study is undertaken to assess the impact of employee motivation on productivity in commercial bank of Ethiopia Huluka Branch. A qualitative research method was employed for this study. Primary data was collected through a self-administered questionnaire distributed to all employees the branch. The result from the study revealed that the bank uses both monetary as well as non-monetary types of employee motivation schemes. Cash rewards, increment of salary within stipulated period of time and provision of loan for house construction or purchase are monetary motivation schemes provided to employee.  Non-monetary mechanisms are like flexible scheduling, knowledge development schemes through short and long term training and education, promotion, appreciation for the best work performance and others. Furthermore, holding other confiding factors motivation has a positive effect in boosting the productivity. Though the bank uses monetary and non-monetary strategies to provoke the employees to kick it forward it is not up to expected and advised to do more for a better effect.


Motivation, productivity, in cash motivation, in kind motivation, Ambo

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American Journal of Business and Management

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