Emerging Trends of Professional Accountancy

Maryam Hina


This research attempts to expand the literature on emerging trends of accounting in Pakistan. As there researches available are not enough in Pakistani context. But much work has been done internationally. Data has been collected from Pakistani accountants and some others who are somehow connected with accounting profession. The questionnaire used for this purpose was structured based on established scale. To analyze the results SPSS software was used as this was the quantitative research - And hypothesis was tested through it. This research may be of particular interest to accounting researchers, practitioners and auditors since professional accountancy has become central to business matters. This study on professional accounting may prepare people for a career in senior level business management. It may enable people to expand accounting applications to a wide variety of business and financial settings and prepare for public and private accounting positions.


Emerging trends of professional accountancy, Education and training, IFRS, Information technology, Govt. legislation, Accountants, Pakistan.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11634/216796061706755

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