Developing an extended model of Theory of Planned behavior to explore green purchase behavior of Pakistani consumers

nazish Muzaffar


The study proposes and tests an extended model of theory of planned behavior. Cross sectional data was collected from 7 major cities of Pakistan, through a self administered survey of 679 respondents. The appropriateness of theory and conceptual framework were tested using structural equation modeling (SEM). The extended model accounted for the substantial amount of variance in environmentally conscious purchase behavior of Pakistani consumers (R2 = 0.934). Specific findings revealed that 1) all predictors except environmental knowledge were significantly co related with ECPB 2) subjective norms and perceived product availability emerged as strongest predictors of environmentally conscious purchase behavior. Model yielded an R2 of 2.019 a CFI 0.985, GFI0.945, AGFI 0.947 and a RMSEA of 0.03. The value of study is; it considers the proper role of Subjective norm, which is often neglected or its exploratory powers are often being under estimated in past studies conducted in Asian region. Moreover study generates many important implications for marketers and policy makers.

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American Journal of Business and Management

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