Analysis of Effects of Race on Insurance Companies’ Operations in Chicago, December 1977 ~ November 1978

Haotian Zhang


Dataset Chicago is about the residential fire insurance policies issued in Chicago over December 1977 through February 1978; categorized as either voluntary, or involuntary, which includes state-offered Fair Access to Insurance Requirement (FAIR)1 plans (Wriggins 2010) for people who would be denied insurance because of high risk classification, after Fair Housing Act (FHA) has been in act since 19682 (Calmore 1997). Main purpose of this article is to explore the relationship between insurance activity and the variable race by S-Plus, rather than numerical methods such as risk theory models. The final result proves insurance companies were using race as a determinative factor of underwriting insurance contacts, but not the only determinative factor. Data size is relatively small as n = 47 Zip codes. Theft, fire and the age of the house are also provided, along with the median income on the size of the expected loss and insolvency.

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American Journal of Business and Management

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