An Empirical Study on the Role of Career Development Programs in Organizations and Organizational Commitment on Job Satisfaction of Employees

Cigdem Kaya, Belgin Ceylan


In this study; the impact of career development programs in organizations, and organizational commitment on employees' job satisfaction, and their role in increasing job satisfaction are examined. A survey is applied in a sample group working in various industries. At this point, a questionnaire that consists of two sections of 43 questions rated on a 7-point Likert attitude scale is prepared. The survey was conducted on 204 employees that work in different sectors.  In the study, the data obtained from the evaluation of the survey results was interpreted by using SPSS statistics software program. Results of the analysis indicate that career development programs and organizational commitment have a partial effect on employee’s job satisfaction,  organizational commitment affects job satisfaction directly and positively, and career development programs in organizations do not affect the level of employee’s job satisfaction. In the light of the findings arose, the results of the study are discussed and recommendations for managers as well as academics are presented.



Organizational Commitment; Job Satisfaction; Career Management; Career Development Programs

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American Journal of Business and Management

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