Attitudes, Opinions, and Characteristics: Creating a Profile of Sales Students

Sally Baalbaki, Gregory S. Black, Joonwhan David Lee, Scott G. Sherwood


This study was conducted with the objective of identifying and assessing factors that influence students to have a disposition toward a sales career as well as positive attitudes toward salespeople. Two studies were conducted to measure the impact of different treatments. Data were collected from 263 undergraduate students in marketing and/or sales-related classes, in order to empirically test two experiments. The results of ordinary least-squares regression analysis indicate that students enrolled in sales-related classes are much more likely to have a disposition toward a sales career and to have a positive attitude toward salespeople, while simply reading a passage describing the sales profession and how it is likely for many college graduates to have a career in sales had little impact. The implications include the development of a sales students’ profile, which describes students who are likely to pursue sales as a career and to have a positive attitude toward salespeople. This profile can be important in identifying potentially successful members of professional sales forces while they are still in our universities and by doing so, enable sales educators to properly prepare them for their careers.


sales profile; marketing education; sales performance; sales professionals; attitudes toward sales

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American Journal of Business and Management

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